Reviews for "MAGNETkid"

Was fun, and I loved the music. it reminded me of VectorMan

Two things, which are actually just one;

First one: The screen is sooooooo small I wasnt able to see clearly, sorry but you should have seen this when you tested your game. Next time add a bigger size plz!! =)

Second one: The game lagged every 2 or 3 seconds. Since I havent seen anyone complaining about this i guess it's my PC's fault sooooo no problemo. But it's a pity since i was enjoying it very much until the rockets stage in 2º world, it was impossible to success cuz u know when it lagged, inmediately after the rockets fired twice as fast and my character moved also as twice as normal...

Anyway, great idea, at first i thought this was a labrynth game, playing with magnets and stuff. But this was great too, its been fun!

i tried everything out but i could not select the levels...good game, but why cant i repell rockets?

SinclairStrange responds:

You can only select the levels once you've unlocked them,
and because the rockets are made out of a type of grey rubber cheese. =)

I can`t pass through the **** adds and start to play... how can i skip them?

It's a very nice puzzle platformer and I enjoyed playing through the first level set.

I had to stop playing because all the flashing lights and fuzzy graphics, coupled with the small play screen, hurt my eyes. The game would have been much more playable if it had been possible to see and discern all the elements clearly. Maybe you were going for a certain kind of atmosphere, but I really feel that forgoing the particular design elements you chose for clarity would have cut down on eyestrain and made it much more enjoyable.