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Reviews for "MAGNETkid"

too much blinking details, and too small window.
but gameplay is attractive and simple.
sound effects if 50/50 (sometimes i was enjoying and sometime my ears was bleeding)

Addicting, although you could have made the lights a little less sparkly, someone could have had a seizure.

This is actually a legitimate platformer. Even had me staring at my PC in awe as I sat there and wondered how the hell did that missile KILL ME!!!! >:(

Nice job though bro. Lookin forward to the next game

Meh, It was alright. Well put together, but it just didn't pull me in. Great platformer, just not.....Exciting enough. For me anyways. I can understand this is your first try at making a platformer, and so you did really well. Keep trying though!

2 Stars for effort, 2 for gameplay.

5/5 R, though, because this WAS your first platformer.

This is some of the most horrendous gameplay I've endured in a while. Especially in the later levels, you rely on millisecond-timing, incredibly close calls, twitchy moments, and confusing graphics in a way that is neither reasonably challenging nor enjoyable. In addition, the difficulty curve is unsteady, starting out with some levels of acceptable difficulty and suddenly jumping to hard and then to insane.

The story was barebones. It was ok that you went with single page introductions at the beginning of each chapter, but the content of the story was lacking. I felt you could have improved it immensely by adding more details--instead of skipping directly to "after escaping the robot factory", perhaps define the what kind of robots the factory produces, what the robot was produced to do, etc. This would especially be helpful for the last introduction, when out of nowhere you introduce aliens into the mix. The conclusion, although I won't go into detail, is poor and anticlimactic.

The controls aren't ideal. I've never enjoyed using buttons besides the arrows keys and space to play a platforming game, and since you had no way to change the controls it took a while for me to adjust to the controls. Jump should have been either up arrow or space, and change polarity should have been z.

On the other hand, the graphics were pleasantly pixelated, the music was fitting, and I found no glitches.