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Reviews for "MAGNETkid"

Love the game, challenging but never lost me. I couldn't work out where Bonus Level 3 was however - any hints?

A good and difficult platformer but sometimes it requires a bit too much pixel perfect precision from the player.

As a SinclairStrange game, it is naturally of high quality, as is typical of his games.

And some of those medals are just plain evil! Note if you're not awarded the "complete blah blah area" type medals after you've completed those areas, replay those areas again but this time skip the gameboys. It was a bit odd to have all areas completed except for area 2 ... until I figured out this quite arcane, completely unintuitive piece of knowledge in my trials of "well, I haven't tried this yet, so might as well try it and see if that's it"

really nice.. if it wasn't so tiny.

i tried zooming in on my browser but you enabled that really annoying some flash developers do for some unknowable reason that makes it so when you zoom in with your browser, the game just shrinks relative to the browser to stay the same size.

plenty of games let you zoom that way and some just want to battle with the user for some reason.

the game seems like it might be a 5. but your attitude towards users is a 0

do you know how to average two numbers? i do.

check it out:

Well executed and good concept. The graphics could be a little more easy on the eye, the things are tiny :) 4/5

Very well made game, nice structure. Damn hard², but very good.