Reviews for "Prosnorkulus"

Very Funny

I loved the humor. I don't know why people are complaining about the animation because really, it was quite good. It was choppy in places but it more than forgivable, and I feel that it added to the humor (if that makes any sense).

very cool

thats a kind of fall out 3 style


The man in leather was hilarious!~ :D
King: "Would you like a travel bag?"
Sniper: "That won't be necessary. I've already placed them at my residence."
King: "Dear god, man!"

Very, VERY, well done. I've not seen MiddleFingerRings' art style before, but it's definitely very detailed and "precise." The humor was great, the voices were melodramatic (which made them all the more hilarious), and I loved the story. 10/10 :D


That is all


My jaw dropped, I loved the animation style, so so much. The violence was enjoyable and the gore detailed. The overall style reminds me of older cartoons. The dubstep thrown in there just made it all the more interesting. Well done, this will go down into my personal history as one of my all time favorites. I'm dying for the next episode!