Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"


nice animation , just 1 thing there isnt a play button so it plays automaticly which is kinda annoying

btw everyone can see that icon to the right of IE ;)
i know what it is, its a good idea not to have that at work XD
(or on flash animations )

Only one issue,

It started without me clicking play. I'm sitting through another tab's animation, open this in a tab because it looks interesting, and I suddenly hear two sounds going on. Check all my tabs, it's this one. I close the tab and watch it again, STELLAR! 10/0! The only issue is it ruined another video. Getting tired of that auto play thing.


I wonder if I'm the only one who noticed the 3d hentai game icon next to IE7 :P Pretty liberal at work is it?

I'm not really IE savvy...

But I did enjoy the animation and french accent.
Keep up the good work!
Also, what IS the icon next to IE that everyone is mentioning hmm?

His last line

His last line really is the whole thing.

And....I think I speak for 90% of people who understand the difference between browsers when I say...