Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"


True story, IE sucks. A LOLed so hard at the face of the webdesigner. Please stop using IE people

As a Web Developer I know exactly how he feels!

Great Audio, Great Video and all my frustrations with IE7 come together as one in this flash video, you sir have created! You hit the bulleye man, and the annoying thing is all the large corporations of the world (Except for Apple and some other smarter corporations) still use IE7 to access there internal websites, including banks ARGHHH!!! (I know because I've worked for them as lead web development)


Pretty well done, animations were fine, voice acting may need work, but overall nicely done.


Héhé on entend bien l'accent français, au départ j'avais un doute mais quand j'ai vu ton pseudo et bien... :D Bref animation sympa (Firefox rules!)


Also there are more reasons to hate IE than that. For example it is the least secure browser known to man. it takes 3-9 months to patch major exploits or bugs. as a CS major I recommend using Firefox or Chrome(they also run faster).