Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"

Somewhat poor flash and poor voice acting...

But I totally agree. I need a freaking script for every damn problem that IE doesn't support. =_=


It was definitely funny, and also the voices were kind of difficult to hear, and the animation was a bit choppy at points. Still better than what I can do(which is basically nothing)

Kinda good

The end was funny :)


I honestly don't see how people can defend companies that are still rocking IE6. IE7 is bad enough, but IE6 is coming up on eleven years since it has come out. In all honesty, I don't really care that much, because as a web designer, especially a freelance one, you have to put more hours in to cater to the IE6 and IE7 group. More hours equal more cash in your pocket. The harder the job is, the less people who can do it... the more money you can make.


Yet Another Webdesigner Complaining,
about things that are no problem if you know how to handle them.

You probably never heard about YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout)
It is free, they describe it as "Bulletproof & Flexible Layouts Made Simple" (where simple is relative to your coding knowledge) and it is awesome.
If you want to do it right google it.

Webdesign has to be hard, too much competition, or at least it should be hard for the coders that don't know about the right frameworks.

As I did webdesign for some time too, I can't understand how other webdesigners can cry about their job, or make Flash videos about it ;)
BTW: If you complain about your job then maybe you can laugh at webdesigners I know that optimize their pages for Netscape 4 on Windows 95, in the Year 2012 (or at least they did at 2011)! (Really funny too, to hear about companies that still use DOS today)

Yes most companies still use IE 7 some even older browsers, but they would upgrade if it wouldn't break so called "web applications" from "professional web designers%u2122" that designed and "optimized" it for currently used browser back in 1999.

Regards from the past.