Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"

I can understand why this won Underdog Of The Week. It is certainly a unique cartoon, but it makes little sense. It seems to be a polarizing contradiction in itself. On one hand, the animation isn't very good and the voices could be better. On the other hand, it does have pretty impressive graphics sometimes like when it shows the evil icon at the end. Congradulations on winning Movie Of The Year!

I had no clue you could win both the Underdog Of The Week and MOTY. Then again, this is a pretty crazy submission, it seems like it would make sense its results would be nonsensical. I don't even know which Internet Explorer I'm using. Eh, probably 7. This was a pretty weird cartoon, but worth watching.

Hehe, not bad.

Yes Internet Explorer is the bane of web designers everywhere especially the never dying IE 6. Microsoft itself is trying hard to get people to upgrade to newer versions. IE 8 is however unfortunately the last version available for Windows XP users. So the advice I give to everyone is to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or anything else, ANYTHING.

The voice acting... I take it that English isn't your first language. And the boss, I thought for moment was voiced by PC software. I recommend using your natural language (Français?) instead. Subtitles aren't such a bad thing. Still I'll give you credit for your effort.

Finally that icon next to Internet Explorer..... I like your style sir! :D

Very well...

start using firefox instead :-D


C'est drole d'entendrer les voix des acteurs francias quand ils essaient de parler anglais sur les flashs. Quand-meme une bonne animation. J'ai aimé beacoup. Continuer votre bon travail :)

so what?

what is the icon right IE?

baboulinet responds:

it's... it's custom maid... i.. i.. i just insert it for the animation.. yes!! yes!!! i just insert it for my animation...