Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"


cool animation man, I noticed a icon on yar desktop and know what it is since i have that too on my computer XD (Custom Maid 3D) just for that ill give ya an 10 XD

fuck IE

i agree 1000%


Good animation but not that funny. The laugh at the end did increase the entertainment value.

In response to an earlier question in the comments:

Mozilla Firefox is rather slow but secure.

Google Chrome is fastest for most things and also quite secure but sends data on what you do with the browser to Google.

I personally use SRWare Iron which is an open source version of Google Chrome with all of the functionality and none of the privacy invasion.

Of course, Internet Explorer is sometimes required for certain web pages, this is rare and 99.9% of people do not require it.

The guy below me is 100% right!

The thriller laugh at the end was a great finishing touch. :)

I totaly agree.

I'm a web developer and I totaly agree, except I don't blame IE 7... I blame the people that use IE 7, get with the times its time to update.