Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"

True statement, awful movie

I design websites as well and been there several times.
If there are several possibilities to interpret some HTML, CSS or JS IE will often take the one you could never come up with, even if you'd be doing drugs. It's a hell of a browser for a web designer. Gladly there slowly improving with the new versions as some people will never switch for whatever reason...

But the animation and the voices were just slightly above being awful.

Being a web designer.

I know way before hand what the boss/client wants their site to be supported on. and it's really not so hard to make conditional CSS to fix sites for cross browser compliance. Situations like this only happen because of poor communication.

Yes IE6-7 suck .... the standards have changed.... businesses wont upgrade until they absolutely have to because it costs too much to upgrade frequently.... this isn't an inconvenience to us web developers... it's an opportunity to show outstanding quality by not having these embarrassing moments. So when you shout "STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER 6-7" don't be surprised to hear people say "no"

IE Support

Ars Technica just did a browser round-up. IE6 holds < 1% of the United States market now. In Asia, it holds like 40%. Folks kept attributing IE6 to enterprise hold-outs; folks too cheap to upgrade their legacy web apps or get their folks migrated form WinXP / IE6 to something else. But, after staring at the numbers for a bit, IE6 hold-outs seem to stem from pirated versions of Win98 & WinXP. They end up with whatever gets installed, don't upgrade (don't want WGA shutting them down), then they're just sitting out there, legacy apps and security risks, getting viruses, turning into bots for bot-nets, and so forth. IE7 was better, but MS was still of the mind-set that they ruled the internet browser game when it came out. Since then, they've had a rude awakening since Firefox and Chrome have been eating their lunch. Hence, 8 + 9 were more cross-compatible. But, then they shoot themselves in the foot by making 9 Win7+ only. Sure, they want WinXP to die just like IE6, but some folks don't want to pay for a new computer or a new windows license. The comp they have is good enough, and does what they need (web-surfing, email, etc). They're going to stick with WinXP. Of course, those same folks are most likely going to stick with IE, too. But, they'll be stuck on IE8 for the rest of WinXP's life. So, IE8 could turn into the next IE6. Microsoft does this to themselves.

TL;DR, if you're boss is still wondering if your web-app is IE6 compliant, s/he's showing you just how much of an out-of-touch idiot s/he is.

I have been there myself in the past...

i hate IE, who the fuck is still using it anyway?

So true...

IE7 is better in terms of web development than IE6, though.