Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"


I didn't quite get the joke, so I won't comment on it, but the animation was pretty good. By the way, people still use internet explorer 6,7 and 8 because a lot of sites DON'T support IE9.

ie is a fail

internet explorer is evil
why even bother updating it
just install another browser

just offer a text only version for ie users
to much stuff will crash ie
there probably used to pages loading crappier than other browsers

any way this was voiced very well
the animation was smooth

but you are just saying what everyone has been saying about internet explorer

since it was included and integrated into windows 98 and all later vershions of windows
it was included with windows nt4 and some vershions of 95 but not intergrated
Upgrade was download able for that

nice start

Paint it up, put a lil more detail in the drawings, work on the voices and its a start. watched the whole thing so i guess it did keep my attention

Short but so true

I gave 8 stars for FACT. Internet Explorer is a pile of steaming shit. I've never had problems with coding html, php, css with proper displaying on Chome, Firefox, or Opera. Every time IE comes into play, shit is just awful.

I know the feeling.

I give it an 8 because i know the exact feelings of designing and have to back track the whole website due to IE.