Reviews for "Verge"


Very innovative gameplay. I had a lot of fun with this. Keep up the great work.


The graphics were based on Cave Story, I just know it.

Perhaps even if this game was meant to make someone feel a bit of mystery, it would be advisable to make a level-select available after beating the game.

What a concept.

I almost quit because the landing noise was so annoying. Then I died. COOOOOOOOOL.

boring game

i like games that are a little bit artistic, but this one can't make me feel anything special. the controls are slippery, the puzzles aren't interesting, the music is irritating. it's a very boring game.

I don't get it...

Good game, but like I said in my opening, I don't get it. I don't think I got all the fairies, but the ending just didn't make sense to me. Game is good, like others have said it's really laggy, but it never became a huge problem for me.