Reviews for "Verge"


Way too tryhard. Maybe if this were 2008 or something... Soon as the upside-down-world mechanic became clear, all I could think was "Look mama, we're artsy!!" Beat the first five levels, no suggestion the game has anything more in store but another 10-30 levels of the same exact thing with increasing puzzliness. Even more damning, the jump controls were terrible.

the controls...

the game is interesting, but because of the horrible controls, you have to try certain stages really often and you get bored. i didnt finish the game, cause a glitch happened. if the controls were better i'd play this game to the end.

kurismakku responds:

What glitch ? Thanks.

Fantastic game

I have beaten the game with the first ending. and I love all of it. I would like to be able to go back to the other levels since I know I missed some stuff in them maybe a level select after you complete the game once. Also great game your games are always a refreshing jaunt into what you are thinking.

Good, but could have been better.

Relatively short and without plot, the controls were rather slippery as well. I still enjoyed it, because the concept was interesting. But from the creators of Depict1, it's a disappointment.

not bad

it had me playing for about 15 minutes. didnt manage to get any medals but the game was great. loved the artistic style and gameplay. however the puzzles were so easy and hard that i got bored