Reviews for "Verge"

So that's what a black mage looks like with no hat

Had a lot of fun with this one. Got the bad ending first I think; didn't get all the fairies, then the second ending where you go to heaven. I'm going to guess the perpetial's wings achievement is for a speed run, but I have no Idea what to Loki one is for. Great game overall.

I thought there was more to it

It could've been fun if you actually put some kind of a story there. I can't really expect it to be like limbo , but a puzzle platformer is just a puzzle platformer without any story. There are tons of games like this one.
I could be wrong, there could be some story later, I met some blurry silhouette but there's no real motivation here. Let's finish this level to play yet another level. At least some cryptic bullshit would be nice.

kurismakku responds:

Story is in medals description !


I am not sure if it just lagged for me or if the controls were just really bad. The art is nice though, but reminded me a lot of Cave Story.

One thing that annoyed me was the sound of landing on the ground. I thought it's way too much there. I'm also not sure about the concept of dying and then having to find your way back, although it's used in a way here that it's not just a respawn mechanic, this concept always seems super nice on paper, but in reality, for me, it gets extremely annoying fast.

kurismakku responds:

Landing sound is fixed now.. As soon as admins approve, it will be live !


For a very retro-style game this seems to have a lot of graphical detail. One i noticed was the use of film grain, the closer you got to the hell-type dimension the more film grain there was. This kinda reminds me of Depict1, with the whole retro style character in a creepy dimension, trapped and no escape. Anyway to cut to the point this is an imaginative piece of art and shows that gaming is an art and not just some corprate enterprise.


I really liked this game, trying to figure out what was happening. I played it a few times to try and get all the endings. One time there were a bunch of tombstones in the "Last Level" and there were also a lot of blocks full of "Wisps" or "Bugs"? But they were just out of reach, I had no idea how to get on all of them. Unfortunately I couldn't get the other endings, but it was a great game :) enjoyed it a lot.