Reviews for "Verge"

Damn Butterflies

I've played through the game 3 times and I'm still missing the 8th butterfly

Very Solid game though


The art was Cave Story-esque, the music was atmospheric, the gameplay was intuitive... All in all, it was a pretty great game.

Interesting, good atmosphere, short

A game with an interesting gameplay... Death is not the end, just the beginning. I love games like this that play with the idea of 2 parallel dimensions (sort of).
Apparently this is a remake of a game by Kyle Pulver (Xerus) -there are walkthroughs from 2009 on YouTube-, more polished, with a bit different effects, and an angel (whose meaning I don't quite understand).

The game is nice and interesting, although maybe a bit too short.
It's a bit annoying how yellow boxes get stuck to walls, specially when the wall ends with a ramp, but the box won't move even if you get on top of it.
I tried getting all the butterflies (only got 2 or 3 of them). Wonder what they mean... do they have to do with the "Line ***" medals?

I tried to find an alternate solution to the last level with no success. Angel guy eats me. Also, there seem to be butterflies in boxes on the last level, but I didn't manage to reach them.

Tip for gamers: use arrow keys and not WASD, taht way you have your left hand free for tapping space. (Oh, I normally dislike it when the jump key is not the up arrow, but in this case it was justified, when you're upside down things would get annoying)

PS: Don't know if it has to do with my OS, but I got a "Line IX" medal (hurr hurr).

I don't find the last fairy

The last fairy is too hard to find, please, give us some hint on description!


a lot