Reviews for "Verge"

Cool game.

Nice game, not too sure whats about but, it was very enjoyable. ^^

It's great.

Although now I have to play through a second time to get the "bad" or "normal" ending since I got all the fairies on my first run through. (Was that bad? I blew up an Angel I didn't even know was going to help me or kill me in the first place.)

Anyway, it's an overall nice game with a unique concept.

During some parts thought, the collision detection was kind of clunky, namely the part where you have to jump through the two worlds getting higher and higher off of the diving board platforms. The little space you have to jump through on those platforms to get higher doesn't let me through sometimes and I end up having to jump against them over and over to get through. Also the controls ARE a little slippery but it doesn't take long to get used to them so it's not a big issue.

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would since it's more "puzzle PLATFORMER" than "PUZZLE platformer" like a lot of recent flash games, if you get what I mean.

I was on the verge..

of quitting this game because it looked simple but the parallel dimension thing brought me back again. Nine for the game in general but if the message it was trying to portray wasn't so hard to figure out I'd give it a ten. Enjoy the challenge but I'm not in the mood for struggles lol.

Controls ruined it off the bat

The character's movement is too slippery, jumping is awkward, and the jumping sound gets annoying very quickly.

Obligatory rating given, but it doesn't reflect anything because I played very little of this.

Awesome game

Like other person before me, my first thought was cave story, but more because of the terrain design than the character or graphics. Great game, and the difficulty increased nicely.

*spoilers(i think)*
i got the creepy ending where the angel explodes.