Reviews for "Verge"

Good concept but aggravating movement

The left-right acceleration is really slow, making it way harder to control and making it seem as if the character is sliding on ice. Platform games are better without this "slipperiness" - pressing the left button should make you go left, the right button should make you go right, and if you press neither you should instantly stop.

This wasn't so bad in the first few levels but it's really noticeable (and aggravating) when you have the puzzles that involve precision jumping over spikes with a 5 second time limit and a looooong walk back through the underworld if you misstep. Giving up on the game because of this.

A good game.

Creative and well executed, this game has some very original mechanics that help it stand out against the many, many other platformers around. The art style and aesthetic are very nice, and the animation and controls are fluid and feel wholly responsive.

Pretty Good

Nice concept, but I think the controls need a bit of work.

nice consept!

hmm my first thought was "Cavestory" when i saw the character and the general graffic of the game and gamplay (just without the guns:P)

Fun and challanging :D

Fun, but

The sound when u land after a jump gets irritating :P