Reviews for "Verge"

unique platformer

I like that this platformer actually has a story to it. The music is very relaxing. What's really to like about this game is that when your character dies he goes to the spirit world and is able to solve puzzles by traveling to the spirit world and the world of the living. It kinda reminded me of super mario in that you jump on the enemies in order to kill them. I've never seen this kind of platformer before, but it's very enjoyable. My only complaint is that when your character dies and travels to the spirit world, the environment is turned upside down, making it nearly impossible to get to what you need in order to complete the puzzles. Other than that this game is pretty good over all. And now, the verdict is 10 lost souls out of 10! Great work!


The graphics are simple, but this game is interesting. It's another kind of platform game, not like those we can find everywhere. And the music is beautiful
I wonder what's the story of this little soul.

This is really good

I really love this game
It is really fun and enjoyable

@Thrombosis, yea i think you are the only one

i love it but

ive only gotten one ending :| no clue how to get any other (i keep getting the return to me ending no matter what)

uh huh

am i the only one who's sick of all the fluffing platformers posted on here???