Reviews for "Verge"

Graphics, sound and music are Good, though I think something in a 16-8 bit would fit better.
But the game gets kinda boring quick. Death is not the end is a nice gimmick but I found myself just dying and spawning on random locations that I don't think I understood what was going on.

the game's concept is very unique but i think it still lacks "the thrilling experience" kinda thing.
plus the dead character controls are a little inconvenient, for me the jump should be S.

The concepts in this game trump a lot of AAA games out there.

A beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable game. It's challenging enough to not be too easy, but not so long that you get horribly frustrated. The graphics are simple and beautiful, accompanied by haunting music, fitting sound effects and an intriguing storyline, complete with the twist of two alternate endings to boot!

This was wonderfully executed, and quite disturbing at times, perfectly fitting the theme. I really enjoyed this game, and would love to see more collaborations between the two of you involved in making it. Your skills came together perfectly.

one of my favorite games seriously :3