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Reviews for "Verge"

very great work here

it's simple and you learn as you play without breaking immersion by having directional signs

Really cool artwork

Srly, Its like Cave Story :3 i Love that game, and his history x3

Oh, man.

That was some journey. I loved the concept of the story being told in the medals you unlock. Fitting music, solid gameplay, awesome ending. Great work, as always. Can't really say much other than 10/10 5/5

It's A Little Like Limbo

The feel of this game is sort of like Limbo to me. I loved that game, and I love this game as well, and yet I feel as if something's missing... I've only gotten four achievements so far.

Regardless, I have to commend you, this game feels like there's a lot of effort put into every detail, and every challenge or puzzle was solvable although confusing or very difficult at first. Not enough for you to rage quit though.

The creativity behind using the netherworld (hell, shadow realm, etc.) when you die as game-play mesmerized me too. I had this sense of urgency while playing there because I feared finding out what would happen if I died in hell.

Overall, 10 out of 10. Amazing for a free-to-play game. The only thing, THE ONLY THING, is, I guess, a lack of story and/or theming. Besides the mysterious angel and my own curiosity about the character's past, I had no other motivation to clear the puzzles. Like in Limbo, you're trying to save your sister. In this, trying to find an angel... but the angel doesn't really have any ties to you except in the end, I'm assuming. You still got a review out of me. I rarely write reviews on game that don't deserve a 10.

I LOVE IT.....simple, elegant ...two endings, could you please do another part? a second one...kisses and hugs.