Reviews for "Verge"


This is a great game. It is short but I like it. The animation and music PERFECT! KEEP IT UP!

It was interesting.

It was a pretty nice platoformer.

:/ good bt boring :P

not really nice not like i expected bt its OK!

Not Really Different From Other Platformers

The 'having to die to progress' mechanic is pretty cool and unique, but the problem is that the rest of the game plays like a bland switch and block pushing platformer in both realms of the living and dead. I think you should have added some unique mechanics for each realm.

Probably... IF ITWORKED!

Honestly, i can't say much, because its already been said that and it doesn't bloody work for me, i get passed the first screen then nothing, just blackness!
If I have to say something, the graphics quality fits well with the genre, the character stands out well and doesn't fade into the background like most types of this kind of game, the music fits well (with what i have seen) with the overall game, its a good game, just a little buggy.
I give it a six from what i saw!