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Reviews for "Greens Survive"

screw reds

Yay greens! great glass splosion noise!

alright I guess...

The game was fun, but the concept pretty much boiled down to "Figure out how to kill the reds, then play as the greens." Which would be fine, had there not also been levels where the concept is used really uniquely and cleverly. Levels 10 and 15 were really fun for this reason.
But quick unrelated question, how are you supposed to identify the entrance and exit portals in the game?
This game also fits into a rare genre where the death sound effect is the best of the lot, so that counts for something, I guess.
All in all, ok, but concept watered down to nothing pretty quickly, and eff the birds.

great game

great game, love the setting and the mechanics.

only complaint is that it's hard to tell whitch portal is the entrance in exit in some levels.

Very nice and enjoyable!

This is first game on newgrounds that really likes me. Thanks guys!
One notice - I think it will be more difficult if greens can't touch each other.


Wow, this is really an awesome game! I gotta leave NOW before i stay up all night on this O_O

Nice work!