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Reviews for "Greens Survive"

what they said

the game was pretty good i got alittle bored as it went on, but it was pretty fun. i like controling multiple people at the same time as it was sometimes a chalange to keep track of everyone. but i didnt realy want to kill the reds, not a big deal. good job!


I was hoping for some kind of ethical dilemma, but the way the game was set up, it made killing the reds an objective instead of a questionable action. The graphics, the music, even the level design set a light (if not cheery) tone which removed any sense of weight to the killing of the reds. The game was solid, though, and I suppose I can't penalize a flash game for lack of philosophical content XD

Fairly good.

I generally found myself not wanting to kill the reds, a there didnt seem to be any reason other than making the greens survive. I know thats obviously the point, but I wanted to find some kind of way to make them both survive.

Good game overall though.


This is the second time today that a game had suggested racism, the first was when the guide in zelda said "...Since they're different colored they should be treated differently.
good game though


This game made me think. To save one race will you condemn another?
All in all its a good game though, very challenging