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Reviews for "Greens Survive"

Nice game

igot stuck in the middle tho e.o x3


Dude this game rules

Fun and Simple

Nice simple concept, and a great way to pass a couple minutes at a time.

this need medals

so -1

Great little game

Nifty concept and fun to play, i was a little worried initially that the concepts you were introducing such as enemies, shield and birds would go unexplored as there was only 30 levels but bravo for an excellently paced game.
My only criticism is what most people seem to be saying which is that the game is a little on the easy side.
I felt that just as the game was finally reaching the sweet spot difficulty wise, it ended.
Perhaps another 10 levels or so would've remedied this issue but aside from this small gripe it's a great game with some solid design behind it.
Looking forward to a sequel!