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Reviews for "Greens Survive"


Interesting concept and puzzles, but gets a bit boring afterawhile. Also they tend to slide which can get needlessly annoying at times.


way too easy and kinda boring. Why are we killing reds? Give us some story line at least. Maybe add some bonus challenge levels.

i like the so-so difficulty!!!

it's really hard but... i still was able the beat the game! (thanks for the walkthrough)

You've missed a chance.

This could have presented a thought-provoking, meaningful moral question. This could have been the game that got you to sit back and think about life. This could have been the rock shattering the glass ceiling, destroying any notion that a simple game can't be meaningful.

And...it isn't. It's just another puzzler. Yes, it works. Yes, it's well done. But with such skill, can't you do anything more than this? Please. I honestly want to be impressed.

itsw ok i mean why reds why not blue

lol reds
y u no kill greens
sorry perfect moment