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Reviews for "Greens Survive"


Simply great! The best part is the parallel thinking involved in each level. You've got to love a game that keeps you on your toes.

Masterclass flash game.

This did almost everything right. Fantastic. Amazing, briliant. I could sing its praise all day long. I'm really not sure where to begin.

It was relatively short but in its lifespan it challenged me in a myriad of ways and I didn't feel like I was repeating a puzzle throughout the game. At the same time, the game didn't drag out, its lenght hit the sweet spot between too short to get immersed and too long to stay engaged.


The gameplay was intuitive, fun and challenging. Different aspects of gameplay were introduced so the player could get to grips with their mechanics and then combined to heighten the challenge. The level design supported this and its obvious you put a lot of thought and effort into the flow of the gameplay. Overall, it was excellent. The simple concept of greens survive supported this and gave it a coherant objective that was easy for the player to follow. There were no frustrating moments that were a result of a gameplay mechanic being unexplained.

Music & Sound

The music supported the gameplay and added a layer to the atmosphere that wasn't so noisy that it detracted from the experience. Again you hit the sweet spot between intrusive and un-remarkable. Simply put it fit.

Similarly the sound effects were clear and served their purpose.

Graphics & Aestehtic.

While not graphically impressive from a technical standpoint the games feel and aesthetic worked very well. With visuals beaing clear and pleasant without being noisy or impeding gameplay. The enviroments felt varied enough to keep me from thinking iw as in the same place. The simple design of the characters and the colours used to distinguish them were great. The use of black as the main enviroment colour with muted backgrounds adding flavour worked very well.

Definitely worth a play,

we should have more like this

really good, just dont know what to say... magnificent!

Well designed game.

Smooth graphics, great game play, but what caught most me was the beautiful music. I swear I've never heard such a beautiful game over tune in my life. It almost made me want to lose on purpose (just joking). Truly a fine game.

Are you serious with these comments people? T_T

I enjoyed the concept, reminded me of the one where you play the little dude with the top hat who can make copies of himself.

This game was fun, I enjoyed it, it was challenging and yeah I wanted to quit (but I beat the game) but you know it's a game you can beat. The music is fine, stop complaining about the music. If you throw on your own music, you'd probably die faster. The music is plain and boring to keep you focused on the task at hand, just focus. Yeah it's hard to juggle the reds and greens through those whack multi levels, but relax... I didn't know a game that kicked your ass was deserving of a five... Grow up... Are you here to play a game and beat it or here to complain because the ONE MAIN CRUX (you cant kill green guys) is too harrd for you to deal with..... pffff please... You also probably want to have two turns in tic tac toe.... T_T