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Reviews for "Greens Survive"

i agree with most of these comments

dont we all

Decent to Good game.

But I nearly tore my hair out every time I heard that piano coda when I died.


thought it was a nice concept. some of the later levels took a little more thinking about but on a whole i thought it could have been a little more difficult, the only one that actually caused any difficulties was the second to last level purely because i kept mis timing it. Increase the difficulty a little bit and incorporate a few more types of enemies perhaps and then i think that you've got something really quite nice here. As things stand i did still really enjoy it =)

pretty good I guess

It was a good game, it definitely takes some thinking to do.

okay then

Repetative gameplay and near impossibility make this game a tremendous ballache towards the later levels, especially when you're juggling three tasks and cant take a single green person out. The music also got on my nerves and with no mute I had to turn my volume off completely. The only reason I gave you a 5 is because the first few levels are actually fun and that the graphics aren't that bad, they're pretty good. Until I raged at the hard levels, I actually enjoyed the game.