Reviews for "Duty Hill"

bit dull really

So you are the last man alive, but decided to live in "Chonobyl" which I presume you mean the radioactive town of Chernobyl, a pretty stupid move, where you then realise infact you are being chased by loads of people in NBC suits, bit of an odd storyline... also the graphics are poor, gameplay repetitive, and yeah, I didn't like it, felt unoriginal and without any spark


That's very nice for a simple game, but there are flaws you need to work out.

1. Reload button should be "R" button like all shooting games, do not use the Tilde.
2. Instructions are recommended in the main menu, even newbies get confused on that icon above.
3. Key customization, like the reload problem, I prefer to use "R" as my Reload button, not the Tilde.

Overall, good game, including music, graphic and such.

The sniper is overpower

i cleared the entire game without getting damged on my first try only using the sniper, ofcourse i used the pistol the 2 first rounds but i still did not get damaged.

the game is fun but a bit to easy

I find it easy too...

Once you max out the m16, it is virtually impossible for soldiers to hit you, so just spray and pray. But overall, one of the best defence games i ever played

Too Easy

i think you need changes
you need harder levels
you can beat the game by just using the pistol
you should add more weapons