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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"


I also liked the battles, except for when the computer went first.
Graphics arte pretty decent, but could use just a bit more work, as there were pixels everywhere.
Man, I wish there was a Pokemon game where you could use any Pokemon you wanted to and have the battles be exactly like this on Newgrounds.
Also, it should be rayed T because of the small amount of swearing, but that's the only real problem.
There were also glitches.
I lost the second battle to Frosslass, and when I retried, its sprite was still there floating all over the place, making it seem like there were now two Pokemon to fight at once.
Also, a few times the Health appeard Red for no reason. It was compltely full and instead of green, it happened to appear red.
Also, there's an HP bug. When I started the second battle and looked at the Pokemon to use,it only showed a part of the full number (Such as 9/92 for Dewott when his health was full.)
Other than that, this is absolutely perfect. And because of you, I believe I just wrote the longest review I've ever written. Holy crap.

Cool movie :P.

Some battle bugs that you've probably been informed of more than you like.

1. Growlithes morning sun can overheal him, using it at full health grants even more hp.

2. If you lose the mars battle (don't know about the others), frosslasses sprite remains during the rematch (lost thanks to bronzors confusion hitting my luxray everyturn till it died, and then frosslass critting multiple times >_<). Doesn't matter what format, pokemon battle can screw you over :P

Drama,action,an awesome credit,and interactive battles.Nice work dude.

i wonder if the nurse joy thing is the same as the officer jennys?

funny :V