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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"

fun as Heeeell

good job

Call me old fashioned but I prefer to Imagine voices for the characters. Giving them a voice ruined the amount of imagination I could put into the story, which in-turn gave me less out of it. When you put your own voices to the dialogue it can change the feel of the story. I liked having music and noises during the story but I couldn't stand the voicing dialogue. I'm not trying to be mean, I just have my preferences. And personally, I'd prefer if you re-upload this episode (and I presume 7 and 8) with the voice dialogue cut. Everything else is amazing!

I like these videos

Can you say, how much time it takes to make Pokemon World of Chaos episode? I want to know because I like watching Pokemon : Wolrd Of Chaos. And it was good idea to make that fighting system. I can't wait next episode :-D