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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"

... What was that?

Ok, so far, this is the only one that is "deep in the crowd". Let me describe what's wrong:

I do not enjoy the thought of battles being interactive. In fact, in all 3 battles, the CPU will use their stronger moves, even weak ones that will do STAB, and will have the upper hand in battle. You'd have to be son of the fuck lucky to get the medals. A majority of the players that play Pokemon are "jocky", and would normally battle without any damned strategy. They'd just go head on, like a bull. They're both strong, but stupid. I'm not one of them, but, still.

Now, the voice acting is most of the problem here. The quality of it was poor. The voices didn't match the characters. Some of the dialogue would be better off unvoiced, too. Plus, the voice actors lacked expression. There was almost no form of concern, urgency, aggression, shock, or anything that rises above "poker expression". Luckily, HarlandGirl (Fennel) and Seymour (Gallade, but not Oak) were able to express tiredness, and aggression. However, out of the 8, darkkirby02 (Mars) did the worst. Mars was so expressionless, soulless, she was just expressed with the "bored" expression. No aggression, or urgency. Just. Bored.

You can wait until later episodes. There are some times when it can be explained, there are some times when it can not.

Please improve your grammar. It says "i kinda jumped". Did you use the scene select, or was there a glitch that caused you to jump to the end at like scene 1 or 2? Please respond, kirakenso. And if your wondering how, THROUGH DAMN PRIVATE MESSAGING. I'm sorry, but poor grammar makes someone look stupid, if they might as well be a genius. That's important in communities that don't wanna turn into something degraded, like Facebook.

[NOTE: If any of you have an account on Facebook, and think it's great, this was not meant to you as offense. If it still offends you, I'm sorry.]

[PS: This review was not meant to be harsh in any way. I was just simply showing stuff that lack in this video, and could be improved. If it was hurtful to you guys, I'm sorry.]

teejay-number13 responds:

Well like I said in another reply, I like the "poker expressions!" My characters are not 10 year olds that are amazed and shocked by everything they see. They're survivors of a near human extinction and only made it that far by living through horrors (like the frontlines). So they're all pretty good at keeping their cool. Which means keeping their emotions in check. The quality may have been low on some, but everyone said the lines as I wanted them (or close enough). That being said, I plan to take everyone's suggestions of more emotion involved into consideration next time.

About the battles, what is stab? The enemy Pokemon are programmed to use the moves that are super effective more often. That's what they would do in the game. Sure, not everyone plays Pokemon, which is why I included the option to just watch the battles if you didn't want to play.

And lastly, this is for reviewing my flash, not other peoples reviews. Anyway, thanks for the thorough review. People telling me what they don't like is just as important as what they do like.


As a fan who watched every single episode, I was kind of disappointed. Voice acting was O.K and interactive battles we're O.K as well. Graphics we're much better than episode 5 but my problems for the episode include it being too long and the voice acting didn't have much emotion. BTW, are you gonna announce the winners of the gym leader contest on November 16 or are you gonna make us wait to see who won on each episode?

teejay-number13 responds:

No all the winners will be announced at once, but it will be more like Nov 17 or 18 before the winners are announced.


I love the upgrades to the video and animation! Especially the ability to battle. However, there are a few things that were wonky.
1 - If you are defeated for the 2nd battle the Froslass does not go away, it stays there and the other Pokemon sprites are just put on top of it, including the 2nd Froslass.
1.5 - the same battle if yo're defeated the health bars are red, and then yellow, and then red again.
2 - If you use up all of a move's PP it goes to 1 less than Max PP for that move. Or maybe it's a glitch and it's supposed to be at Max already, I'm not sure.
3 - Houndour's Bite had invisible PP in 3rd battle (didn't use the move to check if it worked)
3.5 same battle, Shadow Rush does not go down in PP (don't know if this is intentional, I assume it is since Gardevoir is a Shadow Pokemon)

Despite all that, I love it :) This is a really great series and makes me all nostalgic to play Pokemon again! I should get White this time. I've never actually played anything past the 2nd generation..

You Could brush up on your voice acting though ;") Gallade was really well done. Rina-chan awesome as always.
7/10 (I know that doesn't add up)
and Fave'd

Keep up the good work, and continue to improve! :]

teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks for the review. There's more bugs then I thought in this when It comes to losing and trying again. The code in this version was experimental so it's kind of messy. I'm redoing the code now to make it cleaner and more efficient for future episodes. I didn't finish the PP system because I'll probably just omit it altogether in the future.

As far as the voice acting, people seem to prefer overly emotional characters with extreme personalities and that's not how I like my characters. So I'm not sure the voices will change much in the future.

I LOVED the previous episodes, and i was really excited to watch all of these. I even put your profile in my browsers bookmarks. But, some of the changes were over the top.. I loved the text, it gave some imagination and kept it true to the original games. And, the odd zoom-in was.. odd. But, of course, i loved the interactive fights. The making of the new vehicles and landscape was a decent start too.

teejay-number13 responds:

The odd zoom in I think you're referring too was kind of an experiment. It didn't work out to well I think, so now I try to keeping the zooming in and out to a minimum.

i liked the style and the story was cool, but some of the voice acting I wasn't crazy about. Gardevoir's voice... sounds a little to bitchy to be a Gardevoir.