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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"

a big step up

i'll admit, when i first heard you were going to add voices i was kind of skeptical about it, because the quality of voices and the actors affect it dramatically, but the actors here did a good job and i'm happy for that.

the interactive battles is a great new feature but there are some problems(nothing major) i noticed, call me picky but i feel like i should point them out
- the text boxes in some parts are still too small to hold the full number
-the moves Bulldoze and Rockslide hits BOTH opposing pokemon and magnitude affects all pokemon but the user
-the burn affect cuts the pokemons attack in half(although i'm pretty sure the Gallade fight is meant to beat you in one hit anyways)
-potions and other healing items are used before any pokemon uses an attack
-the move charge not only powers up the next electric attack but also raises special defense
ya ya i know i'm a nerd for knowing all this but i don't care

to wrap this up, i will say i am enjoying this series, your improving with your skills, and i look forward to see the rest

... also i hope my gym leader gets in :)

teejay-number13 responds:

-I assume your talking about the dynamic text boxes that tell the HP and stuff. I increased their size from the beta version so I don't know why that keeps happening. Works fine on my comps.
-I didn't know about rockslide hitting both. I'll remeber that. As far as moves that hit your ally, I think I'll leave the friendly fire out.
-I din't know burn was supposed to cut attack in half. Yeah, that fight was more of a mini game to earn a medal. The outcome will be the same.
-Yeah I programmed the potions to be used in place of Emboars or Gigalith regular moves. I fix that next time.
-Yeah, I know about charge raising special defense, but my damage equation doesn't factor in that stat.

Thanks for the tips.

Good, Good, but the voice acting needs more work.

REALLY hope to see the gym leaders. I have a great feeling they are gonna be awesome!! :D


The visuals in this episode are a definite step up from previous episodes, including the splendid use of 3D effects.

I've only a few problems, mostly concerning the battle sequences. One, none of the dynamic text boxes have the Pokemon text font, a problem I've certainly had concerning interactive Flash development. You'll need to embed the fonts for every text box you use (at least, in my experience) or at the very least tell people what font you used so they can install it on their machines.

Second is how the announcement of Pokemon attacks comes after the attack animation. I can only assume this is a side-effect of the interactive battles, but I hope you find a way to put it before the animation (perhaps display it while the animation is playing).

Third is the text-advance button. While I'm fairly sure this was changed from using the spacebar due to public demand, the resulting button has an irregular "hit box" (for lack of a better term), making it somewhat annoying to click. If you don't want a visible rectangle around the symbol, setting its alpha to 1% should take care of that.

These are fairly minor gripes, though. Overall, this is an excellent work, and your Daily 3rd is well-deserved.

teejay-number13 responds:

The font I'm using is called Agency FB and it was on the list of universal web fonts, which is why I picked it. I tried to model the battles after the games and it tells you the attacks after they're used, plus it helps with the battle flow control. I switched to click the button to advance instead of space bar because in the interactive battles, each time you clicked a button to use an attack. You would have to click on the stage again to use the space bar. This wasn't a problem with code, just seems to be something flash does.


However i have some tips for you, the animation and use of the title music from the Anime was a nice touch. Over all i am interested and like the story i just have one complaint. The voice acting it sucked nobody portrayed any form of concern or urgency at all. I mean you got attacked by a crime group the town is in danger and a Pokemon went rouge. Show some emotion raise your voice, lower whisper it it over all felt very bland. Outside of that keep it up.

teejay-number13 responds:

I kind of like the voices that way. They've all been living with threats around them for the last ten years, so they're good at keeping a cool head in tense situations. That means keeping there emotions in check. I guess I haven't really explained it all that well in the series, but that's how I like my characters.

That was amazing!!! I love the addition of voice acting and more cinematic elements, but some of the actors didn't seem to put a lot of effort into saying their lines, particularly Jenny and Fennel. Otherwise it was GREAT!!!