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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"

Sonic R, really?

Overall good work.
I just watch all your WoC work today, and it was mostly enjoyable. The voice acting was decent. The battle idea was interesting. Sonic R music did disturb me though... puppet tails and "Can you feel the sunshine?" will forever scar me.

I'll certainly be participating in the Fan Character contest, just for fun.

I'm just tired of hearing Rina-chan for almost every female voice on Newgrounds.

teejay-number13 responds:

I like Sonic R, especially the music. Puppet Tails was just another character to be left in Metal Sonic's dust.

I actually asked several female voice actors but Rina-chan was the only one to reply. I guess she isn't as picky about what projects she voices for. So she shows up in a lot more of the 'small time' flashes, which I'm grateful for. Gardevoir's voice was the last thing I needed to finish the animation, so without Rina-chan's help, this episode may still be in the works.

Very Impressive

I really enjoy the effort put into this to improve it greatly from the other parts of the series. Figure the best way to go about this is to point out the pros and cons in each area involved with the flash.

Voice Acting: I was amused with this since it does of course create a new appeal to your series. Rina-chan and Seymour did a very impressive job with their voice acting. What could be improved on is other voices that were not TeeJay, Gardevoir, nor Gallade/Oak as they were either quiet, unappealing, or unfitting. Another thing that could be done just out of thought is a voice option. Like for those who enjoyed your previous work and would prefer no voices then they could use that option.

Battles: Now this was something i was curious of whether it would work out well or not. I can understand how much coding would be required to make these battles work properly on an interactive approach. In any case it worked impressively well with just a few noticeable glitches such as a pokemon fainting that had not been used. The backgrounds for each battle really had me impressed as that takes a huge step into the interactivity of the story and battle.

Story: For this episode, I honestly felt a little underwhelmed. Each past episode really felt like it had a great flow of continuity. Not gonna spoil anything for the people that may read this though, just gonna simply say that the story elements felt short and understandably so with the battle implementation probably taking up a lot of time and memory.

Overall: Keep up the great work and hopefully we can see improvements once you are used to coding the battles. They were really what shined the best in this episode even despite minor glitches.

teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks for the thorough review. That's exactly the kind I like.
I wasn't very picky about the quality of voice actors this time even though I think they all did a good job. Plus future episode will have less lines and be more to the point. So everyone can put more effort into each line. Probably won't do a voice option though.
I played the battles countless times trying every move there was to see if it worked. People seem to be having problems I never encountered. But the code on this episode is kinda messy since it's my first time writing it. Now that I know how, future episode will be cleaner and hopefully less glitchy.
Yes adding the interactive battle and voices did force me to cut back a lot on what I had planned for the episode as far animation. I can see what you mean in that this episode didn't advance the plot very much. But don't worry, this series will continue.


The battles were great, but there was one glitch I noticed:

During Melanie's battle, I used a Super Potion, and Cheren's Pokemon came up as the selection for which Pokemon to use it on. After selecting, the Super Potion did NOT take effect!

I really loved how Rina-chan took the role of Gardevoir. She makes her sound bad-ass! And Seymour did a great job as Gallade and Oak!

The story was pretty good. There were several moments where I laughed, simply because of total anime craziness. XD

Can't wait for Episode 7, and the announcement of the Gym Leaders!

teejay-number13 responds:

Okay, that bug should be fixed now.

Been watching all the episodes today, and I love the story and the script. Spriting is done very very good too. The one thing that I wanted to point out was that while some of the voice acting is done good, Rina-chan and yourself, some of it just seems to lack... emotion? A good example is when Officer Jenny says "We have some problems!" The way it is written and the way it was said just come off completely opposite. Some of it just seems, monotone. Overall, great episode and I will watch 7 next.

Im really liking your series so far. I wanted to address something though, are you trying to build up some kind of complicated romance between gardevoir and her trainer? I also noticed you actually gave her breast, sort of...

teejay-number13 responds:

You'll just have to wait and see. And what's wrong with stylizing her a bit in my fanart? Do breast offend you?