Reviews for "The Star Song"


You could've given SOME credit to the blatant ripping off of that backstory. I'm not going to explain what you ripped off, because anyone that's played it would have gotten in instantly. You should say what is based off of the comments so people don't assume you've ripped it off thinking nobody would notice. However, saying this song is a rip off is like saying if someone made a mario flash than they'd be ripping off mario, but this is more subtle because her backstory wasn't necissary to be read in smg2. Good animation, good song.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

I wrote the description and I didn't know Rosalina's story from Mario Galaxy which is why it isn't written in the description.

Well it's not bad...

But this is Blatantly Rosalinas Backstory from Mario Galaxy. Granted I like how you tried to make it your own and try to add your own soundtrack to it but the song did get a little repetitive. I gave it chance the animation was still good though but I think it could've been a little better.

Despite that though it was a good try.


So a star abducted a child then they went into space and made a star house for star friends while looking for a star mom .......OH LEE SH*$ what were you smoking and where can i get some !

really good

but this reminds me way to much of Super Mario Galaxy. WAY to much but good animation and everything. keep up the work!

one word