Reviews for "The Star Song"

Awesome song

This song to me is special in a deep way.

Im an addictive gamer,

and this made me think of rosalina. i started crying, thats so sad! i love this, your a great artist and altogether awesome animation!

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Thanks very much. Subscribe to my YouTube and that. I wanna do this stuff for a living.

stars are horrible mothers

good vid but cant help but think the mother star was not really looking for her kid. the kid star was putting up have you seen this star when his mother should have had posters like that up all over the place.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

haha Stars ARE terrible mothers. common knowledge


that's really all. wow. that was really heart-warming, and all that other nice stuff. congrats on getting first page. you deserved it. |:)

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Thanks very much :)

Great job!!!

I hate to say anything bad about this but there can be a improvement on the drawings. But seriously don't take this the wrong way this video was fantastic!

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Yeah, some scenes were a bit rushed to be honest.