Reviews for "The Star Song"

Wow, great job!

This looks great, and because of doing frame-by-frame myself, I certainly recognize and appreciate the time this took! Congrats on finally getting something on the front page, I bet that feels good :)

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Yeah. I'm so chuffed. When are you gunna send me the girl voices?

it made me tear up

i loved it it made me think of my mother to XD

Mario Galixy

xD lol the Mother AKA the girl story book from Mario Galaxy good video :D


.and...........colorful?......idk <----(lol best review ever)

rainbows yeeaaah

This song...made me cry yes it did...made me laugh and cry at the same time Y U MAKE ME CRY!? I love this song, I had a dream like this once about ponies and rainbows, RAINBOWS YAAY. I like rainbows, they're so colorful you know. I love this and I love you, nice animation and rainbows and dog poo. wait what? oh woow I am so raadnom yeeaaah!!111!!!!! I like TomFulp, I like him so much you know...I love him yeeaaahh yaay rainbows.

nice animation, 5/5 10/10

*cough* sorry for the retarded comment haha

OscarBaldwinStudio responds: