Reviews for "The Star Song"

Nope. Just.. Nope.

I've given you 5 stars for the animation. I've tried to focus on the animation and not the song, but that's impossible. I can see which style your going for - It's cool, but I'm just not fond of that animation.
There's a lot of effort here - sadly enough It's effort wasted on this song.

The song is really terrible, there's no feeling to it and whoever sang it can't pronounce a word without embarrasing me for listening.

I feel bad for lowering this but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't. Whoever sang this should be thrown in Jail.

This is pretty good

not gonna lie though, the song's a bit wet for me. Not my cup of tea i'm afraid. Saying that the animation was decent enough and the sound clarity was good. Overall, taking the music into account a pretty good effort

Ah, Tears go away and come again another day.

>.> uhhh great song dude....

Loved it.

Honestly, I expected an ugly, twisted ending. But I'm glad I was wrong. Everything about this flash was beautiful and it makes me miss my mother and motherly-figures I've had in my life. Thank you for sharing this gift with the community.

No sir. This just won't do.

If a star really crashed into Earth, then that little girl, her house, and the rest of this planet would be quite literally fucked.

I'm sorry, but this just didn't suspend my disbelief.

....But it... it was cute... GJ on the 3 months of animation.