Reviews for "The Star Song"


a 10 .......
nothing more 2 say.


this would be great to watch high :D nicely done though mate keep up the good work!

Beautiful in a beautiful way

A lovely song and a well-made animation...
It reminds me of my little son. I haven't seen him for so long...

Love to you, guys. And love to you... my son...


really well done. I wanna cry at the ending, it was so touching.... I mean football! beer! steak! cry!

Precious video.

Props to the band who performed this. The song had a real bittersweet feel to it, which really fit the mood of the animation. Loved it. And the animation was great. Only gripe I had was the mouths. They were a little too rectangular, which really diluted the potentially "cute" feel this could have had, and made the characters look like they took a hit of crack. 5/5 9/10. Kudos.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Yeah. My dad actually said the same thing about the mouths. Didn't occur to me at all when I made it. That's just how i've always drawn mouths for animation. I'll spend more time on them next time