Reviews for "The Star Song"

this is so touching, like a dream one has as a child, the kind of fantasy one believes to escape reality good work and amazing song!
(and was anyone else reminded of the super mario galaxy story =P)

Holy mother of *BLEEP*!

This is probably the best thing that I have seen here in weeks, even months.

-Artwork and animation both are just unbeliavably good!

-Humor is there too, and gives you a smile. Think I noticed Alien there? (You know, Alien & Predator.)

-Story is very touching and I could feel my eyes doing that thing A LITTLE when, you're about to cry but you don't, you know what I mean? Not many things do that to me.

- Obviously it is centered around the music piece. Which is plain epic.

- I was thinking when the girl and the star hugged in the beginning (About there) that it would end soon and thinked what a shame that was. Then I realised it kept going. I made a big, big smile.

- Replay value? I watched it 3 times already and still gives me the chills to my back! And think I watch it again now!

Now that I have seen it over 4 times, I noticed a little, single flaw: when they launch for space, girl put a space-hat(proper word missing) on her head, but she was missing it after 4 seconds already before they even got to space. Actually, the star is missing the goggles as well. VERY LITTLE THING, THOUGH!

Apparently from what I understand, they weren't able to find star's mother yet, though they found other stars. I felt a little slapped-on-the-face when it ended with girl crying. I really hope this isn't the end, since that is just sad.


OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Thanks very much for the lovely review. I'd like to make some more work like this some time for sure.

I really really really love this!

This is the most touching movie I have ever seen!
This is truly amazing!
The art and animation was very awesome!
The song is cool!
Everything is amazing!
I really feel sad for the girl...

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Thank you ever so much :D

So touching me

U made me droping tears.Im SO miss my mom...

This is the second media made me crying this week.Another is that game called"GOOD BYE. MYLOVE".

Not Bad

The Star Song isn't bad at all. The song and animation flows nice together in this flash animation. The song is welcoming to the ears and the animation too pleasing to the eyes. A lot is going on in the flash. Heart warming and fun. 8 out of 10. A definite sharable flash video with others.

I do recommend reducing the sound recording volume when recording sounds and music for your flash in the future. It peaked a few time when I was watching this flash video. I did have to turn down my speakers a bit.

Over all great job!!!