Reviews for "The Star Song"


I loved this. Fantastic job my friend. Keep up the good work.



song made me feel a little bit happier inside my self

Misleading name

I expected mario star song here but w/e its ok video for girls i guess

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

It's the kind of song you sing to a girl to impress her with your deep feelings and get her into bed

This reminded me of Mario Galaxy.

It was a great music video, nice animation and use of colors and effects in the background. 5/5 10/10

The song and the video reminded me of Mario Galaxy due to the fact that through out the game, if Mario visited the library he could hear Rosalina tell a story about how her life began out in the universe with the Lumas, it fallow very closely to this song and video.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Hi. I actually had no idea Fredde had pretty much copied the song Idea from Mario Galaxy but he admitted it on his blog. To be honest I probably wouldn't have agreed to do it if i'd known that but I am glad I did.


Now THIS is how it's done. I did not even need a few seconds after the start to realize, that some awesome work awaits me. The animation is the best I've seen for quite a long time and fits flawlessly to the song. I really felt the effort you have put into this.

It's difficult for me right now to explain it all in detail but I NEED to say that you should be proud for spending that much time. You did an excellent job and it was well worth it.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Thanks very much. Glad you liked it. Around the time you wrote that review I was a bit worried that the Toon wouldn't do too well. But now it's got over 10 thousand views over the web and a score of 4.3 out of 5 here on Newgrounds. I'm pretty chuffed :D