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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

good foundation... but it needs work

this game needs tons of work.
a faster trade system.
maybe let players keep the work they have done when they reload the page or some kind of saveing method .
and maybe some way of having the game take less time to do ANYTHING!!!!

Its got a good foundation to make it a very good game but its not there yet
make some improvements and it will be perfect.

Great game

I think you know what needs to be fixed up

Just to rehash what I'm sure most people already said

1. Increase resource trading! make it so you can trade 100 at a time

2. I would set a cap for lumber, hovels and pig farms and increase the amount of other resources gathered, maybe bring back slaves for population after missions

3. Have people attack you and increase the penalty of events, necromancer attacking your city only costs you a couple of men so it's not worth building a graveyard with the valuable stone resource


I like this game a lot even though some of the numbers when receiving resources are messed up. I think there should be some sort of mass trade option since i don't need any more lumber and i need a lot of gold but it takes forever to get the gold from lumber.

Great game.

I also get the feeling that you play total war, perhaps empires? Anyways great game and good job.

a few major pitfalls :(

amazing, enthralling, entrancing, addictive, and very fun.

but you see I refreshed the page, all my resources vanished, I wanted to log in to write a review, but lack of a save button on a game that is this time consuming is a slight fail >:(, it makes me sad to see such a great game with a shortcoming like that.