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Reviews for "Guild Dungeons"

This is a great start.

I really think you should expand on this, here are few things that I just want to note so you miss it :3.

1. There needs to be a bit of tweaking on the trade screen. I suggest you lower the sell prices, because it gets a bit ridiculous.

2. I suggest you expand on the resource mines, because just having one orchard goat farm and mine is just not enough mid-end game. I suggest either add upgrades (like the mine) or make it so you can have more of them.

3. Just some more gameplay (more dungeons, more units, ect.) would be great.

4. maybe include some story-line or plot (keeps players playing :3)

I noticed the beautiful art in the game and I see your art skills being used keep it .

I really don't mind the clicking in the game unlike other people, but of course I'm the only person who didn't mind the million menus in oblivion >_>


Very good

and these are the games i miss never see that may games like this anymore and i hope that make a num 2 or a game like this


This can go far. Very far. All it needs are a few tweaks. Like lowering costs on some things, saving, and some other stuff. But I love it already, a newer version would be much appreciated.


I'm sorry mate but, no.

This game is a click-fest. I realized that I could make as many mills as I wanted = infinite lumber. 1 lumber = 1 gold , thus infinite gold. BUT the trade screen was... frustrating at least. Really, why did i have to keep clicking the button and trade things one by one? Why couldn't there be a simple thing when you specify the amount of the commodity you want to trade?

So I was trading cheese/lumber for gold ... -> which I traded for silver -> which would then trade to stone/iron. and that would take hours. Sorry this is not fun at all.

The upgrade system also is a page with check boxes. No Images of things that would help us "feel" the game, just check boxes with text.

I'm not sure of the underlying battle mechanics, since there was ...just a bar progressing, and then *pouf*!!! succeed/fail results.

There is no "game" here, there is no "fun". What fun is there to be had when you have an exploding economy not hindered by anything, there are no actual fights that require user input, and all the other menus are arbitrary click-fests.

I'm sorry to be so harsh mate, but this is not a fun game, this is an over-glorified calculator. Try a simple platformer next time (i.e. something with actual graphics and collision detection). That is going to be very good for learning game programming.

Wish you the best in your future efforts.


how do you save?