Reviews for "Galaxus"

Another Bug

An awesome not so awesome bug I loaded game and started and I can kill anything and I can't be hit by anything but also can't pick up coins.

Skellus responds:

I wish I could reproduce this problem but I can't. Make sure you are using at least Flash Player 10.0.0 and if the problem remains try to restart the game.

Bug found

There is an invisible coin deposit near the top left of the screen when you shoot it from near halfway up to all the way down it will constantly deposit coins allowing you to get all the upgrades in less than 3 minutes. Not a bad game but again weird bug/glitch Will be kinda sad when it goes but it really doesn't unbalance the gameplay.

Good game

Good game, but I kept running into a bug when I died where my cursor disappeared over the leader board thing, and I cant click on anything.

Pretty cool but simple game

Awesome soundtrack (reminds me of megaman 3 for some reason), gameplay was pretty simple and I felt the game could have been a little longer. I found a weird glitch where there was this one space to the left of the screen that could repeatedly shot at to get coins.

Suprisingly Addictive

Somehow managed to find myself playing this for hours! So simple!