Reviews for "Galaxus"

Can't collect gold

This game would probably be pretty fun if I could actually collect gold. On top of that, the enemies aren't hurting me at all. Whenever the ship rolls over anything, a bunch of things just disappear for a moment. 4 stars for a start, but right now it's mostly unplayable.

Running into some bugs

Your game is good but I'm running into 2 bugs. One, I can't grab the gold. When I role my ship over the gold to pick it up, the gold disappears. Two, the enemy ships can't hurt me. They just fly through me. But over all, the game is solid.

One bug

Great game! But one crippling bug. Sometimes when you fire (and it happens more when you upgrade the number of shots you can fire) your bullets don't reach all the way to the end of the screen, they just disappear around mid distance or less. Please fix this bug. Thanks.

cool but...

i simply just die too easily. after one shot...dead. i can't even stay alive long enough to buy upgrades. :(

I think it's good.

The game is pretty good. it's in no way original, but i don't need that to enjoy myself.
I have one thing though: the green blob enemies killed me constantly, and the reason is a bit odd. Whenever i would enter "zombie mode" (when you are in the zone, not even thinking, just doing), I would fly into them because of their collor. Green is usually a good thing in theese kind of games, so i never got that far :P.. I will however give it one last go to see if i can get all the power ups :P