Reviews for "Galaxus"

I need another quarter!

I really like this game. It does have a couple minor issues though, such as disappearing bullets/missiles, disappearing coins, and in my opinion, not having multiple lives. It was really a bummer when i died and couldn't keep all my stuff. Beyond that great game!


I dont mind dying in one hit, but taking away all my upgrades really just makes the game feel pointless to me.

Loved it...mostly

i didn't like how the bullets seemed to disapear randomly against enemies, many times i found myself under a rocket or a brick trying to shoot it only only to have my bullets vanishing repeatedly and then die.

If you die at any level, quickly click to get into another game, you can grab the coins from the last game and if you were at a high level they might give you a 1000 coin head start or more

Good Concept

When using the mouse controls I somtimes try to fire sometimes I end up clicking the Advertisement on the bottom,
It shifts to a new tab while the game is still running,
It would be easier if the game paused during this transaction.

Other then that this game is rather fun and addicting!

4/5 8/10

one hit and dead is a major problem.

the game play is a bit too slow, and the cost of the upgrades is too high if you expect anyone to get them. i also noted a lack of any storyline. why am i here, what is the point.... sounds like the game just needs a few major tweeks before being put out to the public.