Reviews for "Galaxus"

fun and difficult

i like the game but in a tough spot i accidentally clicked the advertisement and died
still a fun game though

Needs an Easy/Hard function

Fun game but I'd like an Easy/Hard function with maybe you getting hit 2-3 times and dying and the other where you just get hit once and you die because that way you can get your full game's worth. I kinda just wanted to explore it a bit and see all the variety of enemies and stuff. Made it to wave 34 without buying a single upgrade so its not like I can't beat it I just figured it would be better.

Other than that great game. Very simple, very addictive.


What a nice little feelgood-retro game! I really liked it.
Yes it's hard, but definately not "Nintendo-hard"! ;)

I am really glad you made it so its death and start again style. Nowadays its so hard to find a game that lets you feel like youre accomplished something after a punishment after punishment!

Good but

Needs a life/hit system or at least money saving type thing where you can save your money from one life to the other.

For those complaining it's too hard

It seems you've never played anything hard, such as Touhou or IWBTG. Play either of those and then come back to this. This will seem so much easier by comparison.