Reviews for "Galaxus"

Game breaking bug

Great game, but unfortunately there's an invisible spot that tends to pop up in various areas of the screen that act like an enemy has been hit, dropping infinite coins. Really fun besides that glitch, though!

Nice Game

I would give you a higher score, but it seems like a lot of people are trying to cash in on the retro upgrade style shooter, so nothing new and original there. A nice 8-bit game nonetheless, so keep on working.

Also, there is a bug for me, where if I shoot a certain spot, it'll count as a kill for each bullet, and I get money for it. My guess is one of the yellow invisible ships got stuck there somehow.

Coin Bug

The game seemed interesting, but glitched at one point while I was playing. A point half way across the screen, and two third of the way up, produced a stream of coins indefinitely when shot.

It's decent

It's alright. The one thing that I'd suggest is bigger hitboxes on the targets, and faster cash drops.

Save the Game

I really like this game, with its classy 8-bit awesomeness and its enemies. It's perfect in nearly every aspect, except for the fact you have one life. Get hit once, and it's over. If there were health upgrades, or you could save your game or after playing for a while and acquiring much loot, when you die, you could start out with some cash. But besides, that it's a great game. Keep up the good work!