Reviews for "Galaxus"

Unlimited gold suply?

at lvl 8 i got a bug where i cud shoot this empty spot in the far right of the map and it counted as giving me gold.
So then ofcourse i just kept shooting it, and before i knew it i had 30k gold and all the uppgrades. if this is a bug, u shud fix it. made the game way to easy.

Fun and entertaining

Fun, simple and addictive game to keep playing. Found a bug that gave me unlimited coins and let me upgrade till max at just level 3. Kind of took the fun out after a while. But still very fun without that


But very little originality. Very formulaic, and really needs some sort of checkpoint system.


Im not likin how when you die, you die...

Not bad at all

This was interesting because it had a very simple premise you just did over and over. Probably the thing I didn't like was how it was so freaking hard to get any of the medals! There's only four of them and all of them are at least 50 points! Well, I guess it will make it a lot more rewarding when I finally get them. This was interesting because the graphics were simple. Then again, they might have also been too simple as they could have used some better design.

I especially like the mobility you have in this game. I like how the little coins just seem to sparkle and twirl around before you collect them. Everything is rather tiny so it gives you a rather good amount of room. The sound effects seem quite retro of arcade games. It's a pretty cool name too, as it reminds me of Galactus.