Reviews for "Galaxus"

Best example of a poorly constructed game.

This game has a lot wrong with it. Numerous bugs compound early on to make the game frustratingly hard and then a few levels in, ridiculously easy. Essentially the best tactic for getting all three of the games achievements is to survive to 15,000 points then buy as many upgrades as you can at once. Shortly after unlocking enough achievements you'll become invincible and the real challenge is no longer making it to level 60 but staving off boredom.

This game is a mess and needs a lot of work. Between glitches with the ads, and the game not always letting you restart it makes the whole experience a chore.

And I may be just splitting hairs here by why keep the "enemy power" tally. What difference does it make to me that they'll do more damage when every enemy can kill me in one hit anyway?

Skellus responds:

Well if you are so bothered with the numerous bugs I'd love you to point them out. I have fixed everything I found and anything beyond that? Sorry, I can't friggin read people's minds as most of them assume. I can agree with the balance being a problem, though it was pretty fine for me.

Bugs again? Could you please, like, elaborate?

Enemy Power indicates enemies' abilities - green globes get improved manoeuvrability with each power level, shooter ships follow you instead of flying randomly, etc.


Could use a little improvement as mentioned below.

Other than that thoroughrally enjoyable!

Awesome Sauce

This game was great. The retro style really captivated me and I have played this for hours and hours (literally). In this time that I played this game, I noticed a few things that caught my attention.

1. You can press Space to enter the upgrade shop or Escape to enter the settings, but you can't press it again to go back out into the game, I found this to be annoying because when I click back into the game, the game automatically resumes and I die sometimes because it takes time for me to go back onto the keyboard and focus on the game once again.

2. The enemies are dull. For all the levels, all the enemies are the same and it can get boring after 20 or so levels. Maybe adding more variety to the enemies would add flavor to the game, perhaps bosses would be a good addition.

3. Adding a counter of what stage or area you're on would improve the GUI of the game in my opinion.

4. Adding more upgrade types would also add some flavor to the game.

Those are my thoughts. Thanks!


I love oldschool game stylization and too addicting to stop :)


The music is awesome, just the way i like it.
The graphic is retro, just the way i like it.
You have life, just the way i like it.
Very addictive, just the way i like it.

You have made a masterpiece, you might as well make it longer and sell it for cash.