Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


Best Zombie Survival! Ever.


One of the best zombie game on newgrounds. This game could be more awesome if you incorporate some medals!

Glad to see this on Newgrounds!

A great game with a lot of great features! Simple, sleek, and yet sophisticatedly customizable. There are unlockable guns, unlockable upgrades, which means a lot of replay value. Not to mention that within each game, there are achievements to strive for.

I feel greatly privileged to have been offered the opportunity to play test this game, and I absolutely love how it turned out! Best of luck for this and all your future projects!


IronZilla responds:

Webufs, you are the man!

Thanks for you support as always, and it was great having you on board as a beta tester :)

Very nice and very enjoyable!

A good game, but it needs some music to make it more awesome!

Love it

Glad it's finally on NG. Very addictive game